Umovy pradastaŭlieńnia pasluh i Palityka pryvatnaści

Pravavyja dakumienty, nieabchodnyja dlia nadannia hetaj služby.

Umovy absluhoŭvannia

Правы і абавязкі Карыстальніка і Пастаўшчыка ў выніку выкарыстання Паслуг, рэгулююцца сапраўднымі Умовамі абслугоўвання.


У сапраўдных Умовах абслугоўвання:

means License Agreement within the meaning of Article 2358 et seq. of the Civil Code concluded by and between the User and the Provider upon the Consent
Civil Code
means Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended
means the User’s consent with these Terms of Service and other legal documents expressed by checking the checkbox during the registration
mean any data file sent by the Service web server to the User’s computer of other device connected to the Internet, which enable obtaining of unique identification of the User’s web browser
means non-exclusive license granted by the Provider to the User for use of the Service
means Ing. Michal Čihař, Zdiměřická 1439/8, 149 00 Praha, CZ, Reg. No. 04705904
Асабістыя даныя
means personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as amended, inserted by the User into the Service and/or Cookies
азначае Карыстальніка, каторы кіруе Праектам
азначае праект перакладу, што апрацоўваецца на Службе
азначае ўэбсайт і службы на аснове Weblate, што кіруюцца Пастаўшчыком
Памяць перакладу
азначае дадатковую службу памяці перакладаў, што пастаўляецца з Weblate
азначае любую юрыдычную або фізічную асобу, акрамя Пастаўшчыка, якая выкарыстоўвае Службу
азначае размеркаваную сістэму кантролю версій, які выкарыстоўваецца ў рамках праекта, такая як Git ці Mercurial

Заключэнне ліцэнзійнага пагаднення

Ліцэнзійнае пагадненне заключаецца на акцэпце Карыстальнікам аферты Пастаўшчыка.

Ліцэнзійнае пагадненне

By concluding Agreement under Article 2.1 of this Agreement, the following provisions of this Article 3 of the Terms of Service come into force.

The Provider grants the User with an Agreement License and the User accepts the License, all this under the terms and conditions stated in these Terms of Service.

The Provider shall have the right to shut down, adjust, modify or make the Service unavailable on the web address at any time.

The User agrees to use the Service only in a manner not jeopardizing technical software and/or hardware means of the Provider and/or such means in the Provider’s use.

The User agrees to refrain from use of the Service in bad faith and/or deliberately causing any damage to the Service.

The User agrees to refrain from bypassing the Service’s software and/or technical hardware means, in particular the security systems.

Liability for Damage

The User hereby renders it undisputed that the Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User resulting from the use of the Service.

If the User is an entrepreneur, he hereby expressly waives his right to compensation from the Provider for damage unintentionally caused by the Provider to the User through a breach of any obligation contained in these Terms of Service and/or resulting from the use of the Service.

Асабістыя даныя

Within the meaning of Article 5 (2) of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as amended, the User hereby gives his consent with the collecting, storage and processing of the Personal Data provided by the User to the administrator, who is the Provider, through the use of the Service; the User gives his consent with the processing and use of his Personal Data by the Provider, his employees and/or his authorised business partners. This consent is given as long as User does not remove his account from the Service.

The purpose of the processing of Personal Data as determined by the Provider is the use of Personal Data for sending of commercial communications to the subject of the data (the User) through electronic means under Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain services of the information society, as amended, and further for marketing and business needs of the Provider’s contractual partners and for statistical and/or marketing purposes of the Provider.

If the User directly and effectively informs the Provider that he no longer wishes to receive business information from the Provider, the Provider shall refrain from sending further unsolicited business communications.

The User declares that he/she is aware of his/her rights under Article 12 and Article 21 of the Personal Data Protection Act and declares that all the Personal Data are accurate and true and have been provided voluntarily.

The Provider declares that he will collect Personal Data only in the extent necessary for meeting the above-specified purpose and process the Personal Data in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected. The Provider’s employees and other individuals who process the Personal Data on the basis of a contract with the Provider shall maintain confidentiality of the Personal Data, even after the termination of their employment or business relationship with the Provider.

The Provider declares that he will process the Personal Data by electronic means (automatically) via computer programs for which the Provider has secured the right of use, in particular the Service.

The User’s consent under this Article 5 of the Terms of Service constitutes free and informed juridical act which concerns the consent of the subject of the data (the User) with processing of the Personal Data.


The Service organizes translation into individual Projects, where the Owner is responsible for managing them and for specifying accurately the Project license.

Not specifying translation license means that the translations are available under same license as project itself.

Should the Project opt in for the Translation Memory, license to use the translation is granted to all Translation Memory users.

The User agrees to the license Project has specified upon contributing to the Project.

The User agrees to use his name and email as authorship in the VCS commits. The User understands that this grant is non revocable due to nature of the VCS.


Within the meaning of Article 89 Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on electronic communication, as ammended, the User is informed that the Service use cookies.

The Service uses cookies to personalise content and to analyse our traffic.

Governing Law

These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic with exclusion of conflict rules.

Any disputes arising on the basis of the Agreement and/or these Terms of Service shall be resolved by the court of the Czech republic having substantive and local jurisdiction.


These Terms of Service shall come into force and effect on 1st September 2017.

Palityka pryvatnasci

Мы выконваем Правіла № 679/2016, General Data Protection Regulation, вядомы як GDPR. Гэты дакумент уключае ў сябе неабходныя спецыфікацыі.

Кантролер асабістых даных

Ing. Michal Čihař, Zdiměřická 1439/8, 149 00 Praha, CZ, Reg. No. 04705904

Мы прызначылі супрацоўніка па абароне даных, да каторага можна звярнуцца праз

Асабістыя даныя, што мы апрацоўваем

My apracoŭvajem toĺki tyja asabistyja danyja, jaki karystaĺnik pradastaŭliaje nam šliacham vykarystannia našaha servisu:

Imia i eliektronnaja pošta
Vykarystoŭvajecca dlia identyfikacyi vas u VCS-kamitach
Dadatkova, eliektronnaja pošta vykarystoŭvajecca dlia apaviaščenniaŭ
Paroĺ u chešavanaj formie
Vykarystoŭvajecca dlia aŭtentyfikacyi karystaĺnika, kali naladžana
IP-adras i nazva braŭziera
Zapisvajecca ŭ vypadku važnych zmien vašaha kontu (napryklad, zmieny parolia), kab zrabić dyjahnostyku ŭ vypadku kradziažu kontu
Zviestki ab aplacie
In case you purchase service from us, we collect additional billing information necessary for issuing an invoice

Мэта і прававая аснова апрацоўкі асабістых даных

Вашыя асабістыя даныя выкарыстоўваюцца для наступных мэт службы:

  • for providing our services on the Service, to contact you in matters regarding our services (also by means of emails and messaging) and to ensure the technical functionality of our services fulfillment of contractual or pre-contractual obligations (Article 6 (1) b. GDPR)
  • to analyze your use of our services and improve our services (Article 6 (1) b. and f. GDPR)
  • with your express consent or instruction to carry out our business activities or sent you newsletters (Article 6 (1) a. GDPR)

Доступ да персанальных даных

Кантралёр тэхнічнымі сродкамі зрабіў усё неабходнае для абароны асабістых даных. Толькі ўпаўнаважаныя асобы могуць атрымаць доступ да асабістых даных.

Трэція асобы, што могуць атрымаць доступ да асабістых даных, калі гэта неабходна для:

  • Асобы, да якіх звярнуліся за тэхнічным забясчэннем службы.
  • Працэсары аплат.

Усе асабістыя даныя захоўваюцца на тэрыторыі Еўрапейскага Звязу.

Захаванне асабістых даных

Асабістыя даныя захоўваюцца ў службе, пакуль карыстальнік не выдаліць свой конт у службе.

Звесткі журнала доступу могуць збірацца на працягу доўгага перыяду з мэтай усталявання, ажыццяўлення або абароны юрыдычных прэтэнзій.

Ваш правы

Карыстальнік дае выкарыстоўваць асабістыя даныя добраахвотна. Без гэтага мы не ў стане даваць свае паслугі.

Мы хочам, каб вы заўсёды кантралявалі вашыя асабістыя даныя. Для гэтага ў вас ёсць пэўныя правы. Пры пэўных умовах, вы можаце:

  • Gain access to all your Personal Data that we use or processing, and even get a copy of all of it (Article 15 GDPR)
  • Выпраўляць асабістыя даныя, якія мы апрацоўваем, калі вы думаеце, што ёсць памылкі
  • Замовіць нам выдаленне вашых асабістых даных
  • Абмежаваць апрацоўку асабістых даных
  • Аб'ект для апрацоўкі
  • Атрымаць вашыя асабістыя даныя ў шырока выкарыстальных і машыначытальным фармаце або перадаць гэтыя асабістыя даныя іншаму пастаўшчыку.