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Weblate features

Weblate is a feature rich computer aided translation tool.

Continuous translation

Automated translation process can closely follow development of your project.

Quality checks

Customizable quality checks will help you in improving quality of translations.


All your translators will be properly credited in the version control system.

Access control

Access rights can be fine tuned depending on your environment.


Translators can be notified on new strings to translate or other events.

Ready for cloud

Weblate comes with an appliance, which is ready to deploy in your cloud.

File formats

Weblate supports all widely used file formats for localisation like Gettext, JSON, XLIFF or resource strings.

Branches support

Weblate can handle different versions of the translation by pushing them to different branches automatically.

Translation context

Translator can always see important context information like comments or corresponding source code.


Translators can define their own glossary to stay consistent in frequently used terminology.

Acquiring feedback

You can also use Weblate to acquire feedback on source strings and thus improve them.

Export and import

Translations can be downloaded for offline translation and merged back.


Translations are managed within same version control system as code.


Weblate comes with comprehensive documentation covering both setup and usage.


Translators have several options to review contributions made by peers.


Weblate supports over 150 languages out of the box, others can be defined by administrator.


Weblate provides you various ways to promote your translation project.


Weblate generates various reports to provide information about project activity.

Version control

Weblate talks directly with your version control system, currently Git and Mercurial are supported.

Collaboration sites

Weblate has native support for many software development sites such as GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab.

Responsive UI

Weblate has responsible UI which will work nicely on your desktop, tablet or phone.