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Weblate goes beyond the code: VCS less operation

Benjamin Alan Jamie
Шілде 31, 2019

We have news that can be seen as breakage of Weblate’s philosophy, but they are not. We finished testing of the component that enables you to import files for translation from a different source than VCS like Git, and it’s coming out in 3.8. Why? Because there are still things on this world that are not directly attached to any code.

Before the ''file uploader'', some of Weblate users had been creating empty repositories just to upload the files there, and have them in Weblate. Sometimes they have the stuff besides the repository, they like the platform, its features, and translators are already happily working with it. Some big companies have strict rules about the connections to their repositories, but they don’t want to manage Weblate hosting on their site at the same moment. Some teams just don’t have the repository.

We are happy to bring Weblate closer to our users and customers again. Now, you can simply create a new component and upload the files in many different formats. For the best convenience, simply upload all of them in .zip. Check the documentation and let us know how do you like this new feature.

Enjoy using Weblate and translate something today!

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