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Weblate 3.7

Benjamin Alan Jamie
Маусым 21, 2019

We have released Weblate 3.7 today, and we are happy to share some of our favorite features that are new in this version. If you want to prefer facts before stories, jump straight to the detailed changelog.

A small change that announces the bigger ones is the new logo, color theme, horizontal stats widgets, landing page for new translators, and more. Changes will continue in the app and also on Weblate website to make both eye-candy and more you/user-friendly. Stay tuned and don't hesitate to tell us how you like it, we’ll be happy to hear!

A new feature that allows you to control text dimensions, font management and its rendering is coming out now, and there will be a separate article here on the blog on Wednesday! This feature will be quite handy not only in mobile apps!

We have speed up the handling of linked translation components so you will save some work time.

A separate Celery queue now handles notifications, format strings check on plurals is more powerful, and error logging includes more details.

3.7 is already running on Hosted Weblate for some time. Did you try it already or are you planning the update on your own hosting this weekend?

We wish you smooth localization and see you soon with next release!

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