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New Weblate: 3.11

Benjamin Alan Jamie
17. фебруар 2020.

There is a new software of version 3.11, but don’t be afraid, we are not 26 years late, we are Weblate. :)

Spring is around the corner, and there is a new tool for general cleanup in your project: Bulk editing. Get rid of unused strings with a glance or manage the flags!

To easily organize your translations, you can now use labels to mark the strings defined on your project level and use them for search then.

Another feature that will find much usage not only in mobile apps but also everywhere where the responsive design takes place is Strings shaping.

We are happy to tell all open source users that info about the license on the project page is now more detailed.

Project maintainers will be glad to have the option to resolve the comments. Admins of the Weblate instances will be notified about a recommended update to the new WL version in the system checks area so they can offer their users the newest perks together with better performance and improved security.

Improvements in this version include, for example, better Matomo integration, look of plain text emails, and rendered width check, which now shows the image with the render.

Check out the full 3.11 changelog in Weblate’s documentation. If you have been waiting for some GitHub issue to be closed and merged, check all of them we included in 3.11.

If you like 3.11, tell the world! Did you find a bug? Tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with an upgrade or anything, look on our premium support options.

We wish you smooth localization!