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Sleep well with Weblate: Secure backups feature

Benjamin Alan Jamie
23. listopadu 2019

As a maintainer of the project on a Weblate platform, you are responsible for a bunch of data and other peoples’ work. That can make some admins insecure or doubtful. But we got you covered with a new feature we’ve implemented in WL 3.9.

It’s called automatic backups; it’s hassle-free and smarter than usual database copy. Take a look into the documentation and set it up today to sleep well tonight. We use BorgBackup to make WL backups space-efficient on the storage and secure thanks to authenticated encryption.

The set up the backup feature, click on Backups in Manage tab of your project. The easiest option is to purchase the plan on Weblate.org. Another option is to use your own storage with Borg installed. For both, never forget your Borg encryption key!

The last thing in this topic I want you to know is that Borg backups the database only with PostgreSQL. If you use any other DB, you have one more reason to move on and migrate.

Thanks for using Weblate! If you like new ways of backups, tell the world! Did you find a bug? Tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with upgrade or anything, look here.