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New Weblate: 3.10.2

Benjamin Alan Jamie
18. ledna 2020

We finished another housecleaning session, and the outcome is called 3.10.2.

The additions in this version are brand new addon that lets you configure YAML formatting in a more advanced way, Git shallow clones are now possible, and lock icon that will appear next to projects that contain locked components.

We also improved webhooks for GitHub and BitBucket integrations and background notification processing.

Some of the bugs to which we showed the door are: Data migration problems of Python 2.7 installations, form submission that was broken by clicking a Back button in the browser, some plurals check, searching glitches on non-English locales, and CSS bug that caused a flicker in some browsers.

Check out the full 3.10.2 changelog in Weblate’s documentation.

We also want to thank the Fedora community that squeezes the most out of Weblate with heavy use with many projects and helped us to address several of these bugs! Check out their localization effort on the dedicated instance, which everyone can receive with the Weblate Enterprise plan!

If you like 3.10.2, tell the world! Did you find a bug in this mostly bugfix release? It is possible; every software has bugs! Please, tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with an upgrade or anything, look on our premium support options.

We wish you smooth localization!