Hosting Weblate

Free continuous translation hosting for free software.

Ask for hosting

Hosting for free software

If you are interested in using Weblate for your free software, you can ask us to be include on This will allow you to use Weblate without installing and maintaining it.

Conditions for free hosting

Asking for hosting

Please use contact form on Hosted Weblate to request hosting. You will need following information:

Translation workflow

All translated repositories are available at with similar naming as on website - hello/master translation would be published as git://

Weblate can automatically receive changes from major code hosting services, see our documentation for setup on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab.

If you want Weblate to automatically push changes as well, add Weblate push user to collaborators and let us know you want to use this option. See documentation for more detailed instructions.

Support free hosting

The hosting is provided for free, but running the server and maintaining it costs some money, so you are welcome to use Gratipay or other ways to donate.

Commercial hosting

We can host translations for your commercial projects as well. All hosting packages include following features:


  • Up to 1000 source strings
  • Up to 15 target languages
  • One VCS repository
  • One translation project


  • Up to 3000 source strings
  • Up to 30 target languages
  • Two VCS repositories
  • One translation project


  • Up to 10000 source strings
  • Up to 60 target languages
  • Up to 5 VCS repositories
  • Unlimited translation projects


  • Unlimited source strings
  • Unlimited target languages
  • Unlimited VCS repositories
  • Unlimited translation projects

The pricing is based on number of source strings and number of target languages. The source string is a text unit defined in a translation format, it can be word, sentence or a paragraph.

Please contact Michal Čihař for more details.

Other options

Check our download page for appliances, which provide an easy way to deploy Weblate in the cloud.