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Hacktoberfest 2020 is coming!

Benjamin Alan Jamie
21. rujna 2020.

Crazy year this 2020, isn’t it?

Well, even in this upside-down times, there are certain and safe things. Take a seat and warm your fingers, Hacktober is coming!

If you don’t know it yet, it is a lovely worldwide celebration, organized by DigitalOcean, that helps open source grow and change the world. One PR at a time. To participate, check the website, put there your e-mail address, and wait for the starting shot. You can join the Discord group or follow the official Twitter account, too.

Before the start, it worths figuring out what you want to code to complete the challenge. And receive a special limited T-shirt! We tagged several Weblate issues you can complete, make a pull-request, and be happy. If you have any questions regarding the issues, you can comment and clarify now!

Ready? Steady! Go coding open!

If you are a new contributor, check these useful content, still hot from Hacktober kitchen:

Hacktoberfest is a huge commitment and can be challenging. To get you ready, we’ve created Preptember, a September-long initiative to provide resources ahead of time so that you can hit the ground running once Hacktoberfest kicks off.

Brush up your skills with:

Hacktoberfest partners have also created special content just for you: