Reiñ un dra bennak da Weblate

Weblate is provided free of charge, and welcomes donations.

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Use our hosting

Host your commercial translations on Hosted Weblate and you will be supporting Weblate development automatically.

Donezonoù reoliek

Regular donations allow sustainability of Weblate development and help to fund free hosting for libre software. You don't have to spend big money, every penny counts.

Roit arc'hant dre Bountysource

You can send a monthly donation using a credit card. You can also get rewards for higher donations, for example a logo placement on our website.

Roit un dra bennak dre Liberapay

Liberapay is a recurrent donations platform where you send weekly amount to fund projects you use. You can use credit card, bank transfer or direct debit to top up the account.

Arc'hantaouit perzhioù nevez

Roit arc'hant dre Bountysource

Bountysource allows you to fund individual features reported on our issue tracker.

Ober un donezon

Mar plij Weblate deoc'h e c'hallit harpañ an diorren en ur reiñ un dra bennak deomp.

Dre PayPal e c'hallit kas arc'hant adalek ur gartenn-gred, ur ventel PayPal pe ur gont-vank.


Thanks to Trezor, we will gladly accept donations in several cryptocurrencies. You can use the addresses in table below.

CurrencyDonation address