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Weblate holiday present: New app design

Benjamin Alan Jamie
14 desembre de 2019

We have shown the world a new Weblate website this summer. It was needed as the platform has grown a lot since its day one in 2012. After that release, we also tuned up our app a little, but as we said in the previous blog posts, it was just a start.

We received a lot of feedback from our community of users; thank you for that! So, we’ve been able to make the app better, thanks to you! The outcome came to live today, check it on Hosted Weblate and make yourself eager if you have an on-premise instance, it will be inside the next release soon.

The first thing you’ll see is the new colors; the previous tune-up was very bright so that it could be irritating within longer translating sessions. Thanks to our amazing designer Víťa Válka that continues the cooperation with us since the website, Weblate app is now not only eye-candy but also displays more information about the project, component or language respectively.

You will also be happy that scrolling won't be needed that often, mainly if you have a screen with higher resolution. And a perk for everyone is hidden behind the fresh, sweet face: the code of the frontend is new from scratch. We have our own bootstrap theme now, and it brings, e.g., the significantly shorter loading time of all pages. That means more time for you being productive.

As you will be clicking deeper to all the features of the app, you will notice all the improvements that, as we believe, will make your life with Weblate more pleasant, like improved display of comments, suggestions, history, and many more.

As always, we will be so happy if you let us know how do you like the changes. Spread the world on Twitter and other online channels, communities, and attract more users and critics. Software is a living organism, and the new design will evolve to meet your needs in the best possible way. You already know that all bugs and improvements belong to our GitHub.

So this is our present for all Weblate users. Thanks for using Weblate and happy holidays!