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Two in one: 5.2 and 3 are out

Benjamin Alan Jamie
14 Dec 2023

This article might look like the end-of-the-year sum up, but it is not that just yet, though yes, it does cover two Weblate major versions! November brought us 5.2 as an extra, out-of-scheduled release; it also brought some health challenges to our team members, so while the development and support worked, the announcement article needed to wait. Here we go!

A few highlights of 5.2 we want to mention are:

  • Azure DevOps pull request support: users of this quite popular development hosting solution can enjoy the same comfort as GitHub and Lab users

  • eye-friendlier colors in progress bars: new colors work the same but are more pleasant to work with, as discussed with the community

  • easier one-click removal of project/component Notifications

5.3 is quite beefier with new features; most of them are automatic translation-related. OpenAI and Alibaba engines are newly available, so anyone who wants can experiment with these. Weblate now also utilizes glossaries in MT requests. This is currently working with DeepL, Azure AI Translator, and OpenAI, with the intention to expand it to other MT services in the future. We will welcome your feedback on this. Also, remember that you can use your Translation Memory, built from your translations, as a source for the Automatic Translation. This can often raise the quality of your AT when comparing with MT engines, while being free in all terms of the word. Dry information to finish this monothematic paragraph: Google Cloud Translation Advanced now works better with placeables and line breaks.

It wouldn’t be a complete Weblate release without talking about performance improvements, ay? So this time we can proudly say that in both 5.2 and 3, the performance of statistics has improved while its memory usage has dropped.

If some kind soul on Mastodon showed you the way here, toot more about #Weblate. After all, it is #YourSoftwareYourLanguage.

As always, 5.3 is up and running on Hosted, where you can contribute to many lovely libre projects or add yours, as well as start a commercial one.

Subscribers of our Extended support will receive their upgrade soon, together with members of a growing community of Dedicated instance owners. Join them and have SaaS Weblate, or ask our team anything Weblate.

If you are a happy Weblater already, you can also answer some community questions in the discussions or contribute.

Soon, you should hear from us about FOSDEM and our other plans!

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