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Summer release: Weblate 4.2

Benjamin Alan Jamie
18 de Agosto de 2020

Do you have frowny moods during the summer evenings that are getting shorter, or are you having fun on the southern hemisphere? No matter where you are, we have new features and numbers for you, like every second month. This August brings 4.2!

As always, changelog is available, and list of closed issues is nicely long.

The big thing we are proud of in this release is the Javascript localization library. It is giving Weblate a superpower to load and serve translations via CDN. Docs are here, and you will read more about this addon in a separate article during the following days.

Two significant changes are time-saving. Bulk edit received performance boost thanks to tuning under the hood. Failed formatting checks have improved display, ECMAScript template literals are brand new.

Search query parser is improved, so you should now find what you are looking for more comfortable and effective.

If you like scavenger hunts and easter eggs, you can have a game in Weblate app now. We replaced some buttons with icons. To make the interface fancier and more user friendly. Can you tell which icons are new?

The new version is already running on Hosted, those who enjoy their Extended support will receive it in a few days. While updating on your own, don’t forget that the Weblate team is here to help you, not only with updates!

And that’s it with 4.2. But stay tuned, there will be another blog post soon. Not only about CDN addon. About something Weblate you can touch outside your screen. Any guesses? Share them on Twitter!

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