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Weblate whale care report: Docker container improvements

Benjamin Alan Jamie
чэрвеня 19, 2020

We in Weblate like whales! Docker enables admins to save valuable time. There are even more comfortable ways to have a Weblate instance just for you! Check our offers of dedicated instance and support for on-premise installations. But now, whales!

Our Docker container got some more than cosmetic improvements recently. It supports multiple architectures now! So whether you have a Linux machine running on amd64, arm/v7, or arm64, we got you covered. Would you like other architecture supported? Make a request, we will quickly do our best.

If you are brave and like adrenalin rides, try the new bleeding tag. It is made straight from Weblate master branch. You will probably meet some bugs, but if you like to have the preview of the latest features, go on!

Are you a fan of whales in groups? Try Weblate’s Helm chart and orchestrate numerous containers with Kubernetes!

To make it four, we have one more lovely improvement. In testing. The CI pipeline is better than before, which makes running the edge image safer than it was. Still, if you prefer the whale that was tested on humans, stick with the latest.

Happy swimming whale translating libre!