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чэрвеня 19, 2020

Weblate whale care report: Docker container improvements

Weblate docker container has pretty improvements for multiple architectures, tests, and Kubernetes. Check it today!

чэрвеня 15, 2020

Lot of feedback listened and more: Weblate 4.1

Weblate 4.1 is here and we listened to our wonderful community when we addressed more than 200 issues and PRs in this release. Check improvements in API, file formats supported, machine translations, and more.

красавіка 27, 2020

Fast minor: Weblate 4.0.2

It is so much fun that we just can’t stop releasing. 4.0.2 here with lightning-fast stats, bulk and labels editing, and translation memory! And bug fixes.

красавіка 16, 2020

New Weblate: it is major, it’s 4.0

The new major version of Weblate brings significant performance improvements thanks to entirely new translation memory backend and search feature, together with new features in API, checks, source strings improvements.

сакавік 11, 2020

New Weblate: 3.11.3

Latest Weblate 3.11.3 brings fixes that addresses not only CVE-2020-6802, but also some features that were bit cranky like email notifications and search.

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