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29 августа 2023 г.

New generation: 5.0

Plenty of new things are here—so many of them that we changed the number. The major number!

15 июня 2023 г.

Dancing in the dark: 4.18

See the shining features on the new canvas

18 апреля 2023 г.

Improved storage and docs: 4.17

Time flies and the new Weblate version is out. Much work has been done on 4.17, so let’s take a look at the highlights!

10 марта 2023 г.

Enjoy 4.16

The first version in 2023 brings you tasty new features!

24 января 2023 г.

Meet Weblate at FOSDEM 2023

We all have waited for too long, and it’s finally coming! It’s not a world cup, a new iPhone release, or holidays. It’s way better; it’s an in-person FOSDEM again. After three years, modified by global events, the Weblate team will be in Brussels, and we are looking forward to meeting you there!

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