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16 лютого 2024 р.

First Weblate in 2024: 5.4

There are things you can rely on, no matter the changing world around you. One of those is a major Weblate version every other month. It’s the middle of February, so let’s look at the 5.4 version.

30 січня 2024 р.

Meet Weblate team on FOSDEM 2024

Meets, conference, beer. All the details on Weblate presence at FOSDEM 2024.

14 грудня 2023 р.

Two in one: 5.2 and 3 are out

This article might look like the end-of-the-year sum up, but it is not that just yet, though yes, it does cover two Weblate major versions! November brought us 5.2 as an extra, out-of-scheduled release; it also brought some health challenges to our team members, so while the development and support worked, the announcement article needed to wait. Here we go!

16 жовтня 2023 р.

Keep improving: 5.1

Things just keep getting better in Weblate; let’s fly through what 5.1 has to offer you.

29 серпня 2023 р.

New generation: 5.0

Plenty of new things are here—so many of them that we changed the number. The major number!

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