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23 أغسطس، 2022

Backup as you like: 4.14

Do you have a project on one Weblate server and need to move it to another? Weblate 4.14 got your backup! This is the feature we are very proud to deliver in this release. It also welcomes new projects to Hosted Weblate as the backup and restore do not need to include the whole server anymore.

17 يونيو، 2022

4.13: formats and machine translation

Many improvements in formats and Automatic Suggestions configuration in UI!

20 إبريل، 2022

Nice and compact: 4.12

Nice and brief, that is 4.12; bringing TM management and checks improvements.

28 فبراير، 2022

2022 kick-off: 4.11

The first release of 2022 is here. It took some time, but waiting is definitely worth it here!

16 ديسمبر، 2021

Last 2021 release: Weblate 4.10

The year is coming short, and Weblate 4.10 is the final major release in 2021.

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