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14 يناير، 2021

Minor release brings big changes: 4.4.2

4.4.2 brings rewritten editor, API for addons and more.

1 يناير، 2021

Weblate achievements in 2020

Look back on all things Weblate in 2020

16 ديسمبر، 2020

Weblate enlighted: 4.4

December brings fantastic and special days! Like the day of the new Weblate release! The editor is now enlightening as holidays do, API calls for more, and system performance is better.

27 نوفمبر، 2020

Weblate is even more open now!

After several weeks of testing, we can say it loud. Libre projects now have easier access to localization than ever before. Thanks to the recent improvements on Hosted, you don’t have to wait to start a translation anymore. If you are an upstream maintainer or a chosen contributor, simply set it up. And check new libre projects using Weblate.

15 أكتوبر، 2020

Routine brings awesomeness: Weblate 4.3

Weblate 4.3 brings fancy API additions, improved Git**b PRs, download performance, bug fixes...better check it yourself!

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