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21 أغسطس، 2021

Major performance improvements

Weblate 4.8 brings two newly-supported formats and loads of performance improvements.

18 يونيو، 2021

Leaving big ball behind: 4.7

We decided to get rid of the ball that has grown next to Weblate’s leg during the latest years. `Django admin interface` is quite powerful; we like it, and it had been a massive help in Weblate’s origin years. But as the platform is getting more and more mature, user-friendly, and enterprise-ready, Django admin became not enough.

19 إبريل، 2021

4.6: improve and multiply

Weblate 4.6 is here with fancy changes and new features!

26 مارس، 2021

Discover your favorite project

Weblate 4.5.2 delivers new Discover feature, performance, and quality improvements.

23 مارس، 2021

Respect, support, and privacy

Weblate is renaming branches to main, showing respect and keeping privacy

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