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Backup as you like: 4.14

Benjamin Alan Jamie
23. kolovoza 2022.

Do you have a project on one Weblate server and need to move it to another? Weblate 4.14 got your backup! This is the feature we are very proud to deliver in this release. It also welcomes new projects to Hosted Weblate as the backup and restore do not need to include the whole server anymore.

If you want to check the changes, in short, see the docs; there’s also the link to the GitHub milestone with every improvement to the tiny details.

There are some other lovely changes in 4.14, so let’s skim through them.

  • Did you change the add-ons for your component? You can now track this in the History.
  • Source string location now allows absolute links.
  • SAP Translation Hub users can now use the support of the translation domain in this configuration.
  • Better performance thanks to reduced memory usage while updating large components full of translations and also during translation memory lookups.
  • API extension that allows you to command translation memory.

Of course, there are also some fixes, of which we want to point out the fixed parsing of the translations in all Windows RC, HTML, and TXT files.

That’s it for today; stay tuned for the upcoming development! If you like to try 4.14 now, do so on Hosted, contribute to some lovely libre project there, add yours one, or start a commercial project.

Extended support subscribers received their upgrade these days, and a growing list of Dedicated instance owners are enjoying it too. Get your own Weblate server too, or ask our team anything Weblate. If you are upgrading on your own, be sure to check the notes before.

Suppose you want to discuss anything with the community, you’re very welcome. You can also tell the world how much you like Weblate on Twitter.

Have a great day while Weblating!