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Fast minor: Weblate 4.0.2

Benjamin Alan Jamie
27 April 2020

It is so much fun that we just can’t stop releasing. 4.0.2 is here!

Weblate became much faster with 4.0, and we shift to the higher gear again. Stats, bulk, and labels editing are lightning now! The translation memory functionality got some fancy polishing.

This cute 4.0.2 minor is also carrying fixes of XLIFF handling, checks, bilingual source upload, and false positives. One of them in bad punctuation spacing check. Pardon our Canadian French.

So the bugs are fixed. For now. We believe in your superpower of finding new ones. Share your gift with us! If you feel confident in creating your own, check out good first issues in the Weblate repo. You can talk about it everywhere then. On Twitter, too! If you want a new feature instead of a bug, let us know. We do them as a side job.

No TL;DR version today because you read this article faster than checking the changelog in docs or the milestone at GitHub. Right?

On a serious note: If some of those bugs annoyed you, and you want us to do the upgrade or anything else, look to our premium support options, we will gladly help.