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4.13: formats and machine translation

Benjamin Alan Jamie
Маусым 17, 2022

This one’s about formats and MT configuration for all.

If you only want to check the changes, visit the docs; there’s also a link to the GitHub milestone with all the details.

So about the formats:

  • Weblate handles strings better in four of them: Windows RC files, HTML files, IDML Format, and Text files. If these are your formats, your work should now be quicker and with no hiccups.
  • ResourceDictionary file is a format we welcome as a new addition to the group. You will find it useful if you develop for the world with many windows.
  • If multiple translations for the same source string is a thing for you, check out the new Multivalue CSV format.
  • JSON formats received improvement for Placeholders check - it is now case-sensitive and also reports errors better

The significant addition in 4.13 that has a big potential to change your workflow is the new way of configuring automatic suggestions in the UI on the project level. This change is one of the series of connected changes you will see in upcoming Weblate releases. We are planning something big!

Does this version bring any fixes? Sure! Some small bits you can find in the milestone.

That’s it for this time; stay tuned for the upcoming changes! If you like to try 4.13 right ahead, do so on Hosted, translate some lovely libre project there, add your own, or start a commercial project.

Extended support subscribers are receiving their upgrade these days, and a growing list of Dedicated instance owners are enjoying it already. Get your own Weblate server too, or ask our team anything Weblate. If you are upgrading on your own, remember to check the notes before, it’s very handy this time!

Suppose you want to discuss anything with the community, you’re very welcome. You can also tell the world how much you like Weblate on Twitter.

Have a great day!

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