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Last 2021 release: Weblate 4.10

Benjamin Alan Jamie
Жел. 16, 2021

The year is coming short, and Weblate 4.10 is the final major release in 2021.

Changes are listed in the documentation; let's look over the biggest ones.

We've introduced quite exciting things in the API. Authentication tokens are now available on the project level; this comes in handy if you don't want to open all your translations to a script or so. API also responds more friendly now in case of invalid parameters and will show you a hint on what to do better.

Bulk edit and Search and replace features are also available on the project and language level. The second mentioned also received the option to filter the results.

A significant change in the everyday use of Automatic translation is introduced. The "Perform automatic translation" privilege is no longer part of the Languages group; that was a bug. It remains in the Administration group and is also in the newly created Automatic translation group. Use this one to enable your translators to use AT features while they are not admins.

The list of project-based access control has fixed CSS, so names of the groups are now correctly shown in a vertical direction in all browsers to save some width.

Weblate's DeepL integration now supports formality and placeholders. It can deliver even more suitable translations from this machine if you have it configured the right way within the translation files.

If you use the GitHub authentication backend, you can now check if your users belong to any GitHub team or organization.

And at last, there are fixes of XLSX generation for download, string removal in some cases, and translation of newly added strings.

If you like to try the version before adopting it, try it at Hosted. You can help translate some lovely libre projects there or add your own Libre project! Or start your trial!

Extended support subscribers are receiving their upgrade these days, and Dedicated instances' customers are enjoying it already. Ask the Weblate team for help if you want to feel the same comfort. We like to chat all Weblate, not just updates!

If you want to discuss anything Weblate, you're welcome here. If you're going to tell the world about the platform, Twitter is one of the places where it helps us.

Thank you for reading, take care, and see you with numerous releases next year!

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