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Major performance improvements

Benjamin Alan Jamie
21. avgust 2021.

Two months are away like no time, but we did some work on Weblate in it. Even though 4.8 is major, it mostly brings improvements. Major, of course! You have minor time? TL;DR yourself with changelog here.

Fancy new features are represented by two new translation file formats supported. Apple’s stringsdict, which is the fruity one supporting plurals. And then we have one from a more libre and shiny colored universe: Mozilla’s Fluent. We can’t wait to see current and new projects testing these. Yes, testing! Both formats are new in Weblate, so don’t hesitate to tell us if you experience any inconvenience!

The under-the-hood performance improvements in this version are more a feel-it-yourself experience than read-about material. So if you are running one enormous Weblate instance, your uploads, updates, changes, checks, and more should be more pleasant moments of your day. And shorter. So cool down your coffee if you plan to finish drinking it before Weblate does its Celery beats.

Fixes delivered contain glossary updating and new string adding to it, and some tiny bits you can dig for in the completed milestone.

If you like to taste the fresh version before taking its entire course, do so at Hosted. You can help translate some lovely libre projects there!

Extended support owners already got the message, and the update is on the way. Dedicated instances’ customers will receive the update during the upcoming update windows. If you wanna feel the same comfort, ask the Weblate team to help you. We like to chat all Weblate, not just updates.

If you want to discuss the new version or anything else, you’re welcome. If you’re going to tell the world about Weblate, Twitter is a good place to do.

Thank you for reading, take care, and see you with future news!