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Admin your team and stay private: 4.15

Benjamin Alan Jamie
Kzu 16, 2022

Weblate 4.15 is here, coming as the final major release of 2022.

Extensive development is in plans for the next year, and the first big thing in this version is paving the way for part of the changes planned. The advanced organizational structure will be a significant improvement. This time, we are introducing the Team Admin role that can manage users only within the team, which can also be done straight from the team page. Project and instance-level permissions are now having consistent behavior. More on this topic will come, enabling you to use Weblate through various teams and projects while remaining in complete control over your tidy organization.

Next is a huge performance improvement, changing indexation in many places of the database. This delivered a lot of happiness on Hosted Weblate already, but keep in mind that upgrading can be more time-consuming this time if you are maintaining a large Weblate instance like this.

If you find yourself digging through the changes of your translations, you can now browse them just for a selected string; this whole corner of Weblate UI is now also largely redefined and way faster. Happy browsing!

Another source of happiness is the much-awaited, privacy-focused feature bundled with 4.15. You can now set a private e-mail address to be used for commits — spam from people misusing commit messages is no longer possible. If you are using GitHub, you can also use its dedicated private address.

That’s what’s in the bag this time, alongside some fixes listed in the docs, also remarkably detailed in the linked GitHub milestone.

Brilliant news to share is that there is a new place in the world with Weblate presence, Mastodon. So next time you’re tooting how much you like Weblate, don’t forget to mention the account or hashtags #YourSoftwareYourLanguage or #Weblate.

As you know, 4.15 is already running on Hosted, where you can contribute to many lovely libre projects or add yours, as well as start a commercial one.

Extended support subscribers will receive their upgrade soon, together with members of a growing community of Dedicated instance owners. Get your own Weblate server too, or ask our team anything Weblate. Be sure to follow the notes if you upgrade yourself!

Suppose you want to discuss anything with the community, you’re very welcome.

Have a great day while Weblating, and see you at FOSDEM. We will share more about Weblate’s presence there soon!