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First day of Hackweek

Michal Čihař
7. Oktober 2013

First day of hackweek did not really go as planned. I had to spend too much time on tasks which I did not now I will have to do in advance.

I've started with releasing Weblate 1.7. As a part of that I update SUSE Studio images with Weblate. Unfortunately this turned out to be more challenging than usual as with new version the build script always failed but without any obvious error. After some time, I've realized that it just does not show whole output, so the last (and most important) lines are missing.

Then it was easy to spot that the problem is in Whoosh version and it's just matter of providing newer version.

After fixing the image, I could finally focus on Weblate's issue tracker and resolved few issues and questions. I've also improved some of the in application documentation and links to documentation or other resources.

Meanwhile I could also setup translation hosting for monkeysign, happy translating!