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Enjoy 4.16

Benjamin Alan Jamie
10 de Marzo de 2023

4.16 is here, the first one bringing you tasty new features in 2023!

What’s on the menu? Check the cart here or continue reading!

As a starter, we offer better handling of plurals while using machine translation engines. If your project supports languages with complex plurals like Czech or Ukrainian, this is a boost. If it doesn’t, garnish your project by adding such language seasoning!

Main courses bring your taste buds improvements: Format string checks now detect duplicates, and Celery beat stores task schedule in the database so you can run Weblate from NFS.

It wouldn’t be a complete Weblate version without a desert of performance improvements. This time is of a search feature flavor.

A drink we suggest from a BitBucket. Weblate now supports its specific pull requests. If that’s not your cup, the extended menu of 4.16.2 offers some fixes for searching, rendering of glossary overlapping terms, and support for yet another format: go-i18n v2 JSON files.

Suppose you want to discuss the experience with the community, you’re very welcome.

Enjoy your stay, and we hope you will return! And bring your friends from Mastodon!