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Meet Weblate team on FOSDEM 2024

Benjamin Alan Jamie
30 Януари 2024

It felt like a long time, as we missed meeting all of you in person. Then we needed to prepare all the things for these big FOSS days, so suddenly it feels like a year is not enough time. FOSDEM is just behind a corner, and Weblate will be part of it again! We can’t wait to meet you all there, so let’s look at the occasions.

We will arrive in Brussels on Thursday afternoon. If you want to be sure to meet us during the days or if we should come to any event, please tell us in this form.

Before the Université Libre de Bruxelles (about the L) campus gets buzzing on Saturday morning with that fantastic libre, positive energy, we would like to meet you – over a pizza, and beer, water, lemonade, or any other drink of your choice. The place stays the same as we enjoyed it last year, BBP Bailli on Friday eve. This meeting is purely informal, focused on sharing a smile and chatting about anything. We will have some swag to share as well. Please find the details and let us know you plan to attend so we know how many people we can expect.

Weblate Birds Of a Feather will gather in the track C on Saturday at 15:00 in the room AW1.121. This is an on-campus community meeting to talk Weblate, gather feedback, and plan. There is no Weblate talk planned this year. The Translations devroom on Sunday still deserves a visit! We will show up there for some talks, and you should come too! We will be around the campus on both FOSDEM days, so you can catch us in person with our Weblate T-shirts and hoodies, or surely over the meeting form.

We will also have some T-shirts ready for you! If you want to reserve yours, you can donate €26 and write the desired size next to your name. We have fair and organic Stanley/Stella tees prepared. Creator 2.0, color Glazed Green in sizes M, L, and XL, and Muser in Stargazer color; XS and M.

More plans or changes can appear later, so feel free to come back here and see the latest news and edits. We will also toot about it on our Mastodon account with #Weblate and #YourSoftwareYourLanguage, and you are welcome to use the long hashtag as well.

Have a wonderful FOSDEM 2024!