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Начинът на Weblate

We love localization and libre software enough to build a privacy-respecting localization tool and provide it as copylefted libre software. It all started in 2012.

Февруари 2012 година—Michal Čihař

Looking for a Pootle alternative

…The key feature is full integration with Git. Changes are committed to a local Git branch and easily merged back.

Март 2012 година—Michal Čihař

Обявяване на Weblate

…After about a week of development, Weblate is announced; a web-based translation tool with tight Git integration.

Април 2012 година—Michal Čihař

Защо точно Weblate?

Instead of settling with an existing solution, Weblate was made to have:
◦ Интеграция с Git
◦ Translator attribution
◦ Handling of several branches
◦ Displaying context
◦ Sane merging of translations
◦ Consistency checks

Днес—Michal Čihař

Weblate grows and the future is open to new opportunities.

Your Weblate Team

Michal Čihař

Michal Čihař

Author of the idea; code and development leader. He’s also designing custom and large-scale solutions.
Benjamin Alan Jamie

Benjamin Alan Jamie

Community manager and support guru who’s helping you with smooth workflows. Our salesperson.
Víťa Válka

Víťa Válka

Interface and graphics designer elevating user happiness. He’s continually optimizing Weblate.

Contributors and translators united

Историята на Weblate

Michal Čihař

Michal is a libre software enthusiast born and residing in Prague, Czech Republic. He is a long term contributor to various libre software projects like Weblate, Gammu, phpMyAdmin and Debian.

After employment in several technology companies, since early 2016, Michal dedicated himself to providing services to companies focusing on localization and Weblate.

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