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What's being cooked for Weblate 3.0

Michal Čihař
28 Април 2018

Next release on Weblate roadmap is called 3.0 and will bring some important changes. Some of these are already present in the Git repository and deployed on Hosted Weblate, but more of that will follow.

Component discovery

Component discovery is useful feature if you have several translation components in one repository. Previously import_project management command was the only way to help you, however it had to be executed manually on any change. Now you can use Component discovery addon which does quite similar thing, however is triggered on VCS update, so it can be used to follow structure of your project without any manual interaction. This feature is already available in Git and on Hosted Weblate, though you have to ask for initial setup there.

Code cleanups

Over the years (first Weblate release was more than six years ago) the code structure is far from optimal. There are several code cleanups scheduled and some of them are already present in Git repository. This will make Weblate easier to maintain and extend (eg. with third party file format drivers).

User management

Since the beginning Weblate has relied on user management and permissions as provided by Django. This is really not a good fit for language / project matrix permissions which most people need so we've come with Group ACL to extend this. This worked quite well for some use cases, but it turned out to be problematic for others. It is also quite hard to setup properly. For Weblate 3.0 this will be dropped and replaced by access control which fits more use cases. This is still being finalized in our issue tracker, so if you have any comments to this, please share them.

Migration path

Due to above mentioned massive changes, migrations across 3.0 will not be supported. You will always have to upgrade to 3.0 first and then upgrade to further versions. The code cleanups will also lead to some changes in the configuration, so take care when upgrading and follow upgrading instructions.