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First Weblate in 2024: 5.4

Benjamin Alan Jamie
Feb. 16, 2024

There are things you can rely on, no matter the changing world around you. One of those is a major Weblate version every other month. It’s the middle of February, so let’s look at the 5.4 version.

There are some new things we want to mention. For the start, two new formats are supported: Mobile Kotlin resources and the Format.JS JSON file. Another mentionable change is not in the Weblate code itself, but in the release process. From now on, all our releases will be signed with Sigstore. We always want to apply the best possible practices in the open-source world. Be it things like the latest dependencies versions, licensing with REUSE, hashing with Argon2, or strengthening the security of the packages we deliver to you; this should be nicely covered by Sigstore now.

An interesting addition to our #YourSoftwareYourLanguage approach is that Weblate is now available in தமிழ்! வரவேற்பு! If you speak some language that Weblate doesn’t yet, you are welcome to bring Weblate closer to your community!

Improvements shouldn’t be missing from any version; we think that from all those covered in 5.4, better suggestions from LibreTranslate and OpenAI engines could be the most visible. Others are kind and tiny or bigger treats you can spot while using glossaries, e-mail notifications, the Component Discovery add-on, or...GET /api/components/(string: project)/(string: component)/!

That’s all for this article. If some kind soul on Mastodon showed you the way here, toot more about #Weblate. After all, it is #YourSoftwareYourLanguage.

As always, 5.3 is up and running on Hosted, where you can contribute to many lovely libre projects or add yours, as well as start a commercial one.

Subscribers of our Extended support will receive their upgrade soon, together with members of a growing community of Dedicated instance owners. Join them and have SaaS Weblate, or ask our team anything Weblate.

If you are a happy Weblater already, you can also answer some community questions in the discussions or contribute.

Soon, you should hear from us about FOSDEM and our other plans!