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Check out who’s using Weblate already. We are a community of translators and localization specialists who use and improve our common tool to empower readers and app users around the World. Find your favorite projects and start contributing together with us.

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The largest Weblate server worldwide is home to hundreds of libre and private projects. And Weblate itself! Love libre software? Your possibilities of contributing are limitless here!

Finamp Chibe Vanilla OS RERO+ Passim Oengus.io Meower Media Klipper Hammer Fly-Pie Spook collaborative-st uRsses Kaiteki LibreCAD OSS Document Scanner PDF Slicer Apple Flinger Nutty BamBam

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Playbooks Calls Mattermost Copilot

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Eso Spolszczenie

Jesteśmy grupą zapaleńców, którzy z pasji tłumaczą Elder Scrolls Online. Chcesz pomóc w tłumaczeniu odwiedź discorda: https://discord.gg/xg8eJnM

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Help translating Funkwhale and its surrounding projects!

Funkwhale Tab Center Reborn Documentation UI Components Website

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Porsche Informatik Weblate

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