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Software libar copyleft, doprât di plui di 1500 progjets software e aziendis in plui di 115 paîs in dut il mont.

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Hosted service and standalone tool with tight version control integration. Simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across components, quality checks and automatic linking to source files.

1452 traduzions just now
3066 traduzions just now
Progjet Godot Engine
101 traduzions just now
660 traduzions just now
Progjet KiCad EDA
503 traduzions just now
136 traduzions just now
879 traduzions just now
3879 traduzions just now
Progjet phpMyAdmin
336 traduzions recently
Progjet OAndBackupX
586 traduzions recently
Progjet Goodvibes
78488 traduzions
tai ultins 7 dîs

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