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Weblate is copylefted libre software with community support. Subscribers receive priority support at no extra charge. Prepaid help packages are available for everyone.

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Erôrs e richiestis di funzionalitât

Problemis e ideis su ce mût miorâ il program a puedin jessi segnalâts al tracker segnalazions.

Security issues

Should you find a vulnerability, please report it to HackerOne. More info to be found in the documentation.

Premium support

As a subscriber, you get premium support at support@weblate.org.

Prepaid support for gratis service and self-hosted installations

Basic self-hosted support

  • Issues in your environment fixed immediately.
  • Priority e-mail support.
€ 500anuâl Compre cumò

Extended self-hosted support

  • Always upgraded to latest version.
  • Issues in your environment fixed immediately.
  • Priority e-mail support.
  • Available with the installation package only
€ 750anuâl Compre cumò

Premium self-hosted support

  • Issues in your environment fixed immediately.
  • Priority e-mail support.
  • Custom consulting.
  • Next business day support response guaranteed.
€ 1200anuâl Compre cumò

Installation on your Linux server

  • One-time installation of Weblate
  • Docker based or native installation
  • Requires root access or close cooperation of your admins
  • Setup customization
€ 300installation Compre cumò

Servizi di backup

  • Cloud backups of your data
  • Securely encrypted with your passphrase
  • Daily incremental backups
  • Stores up to 100 GB of backups
  • Read more in the documentation.
€ 250anuâl Compre cumò

Consulting services and/or custom development

  • Development of custom features
  • Integration of Weblate into your workflow
  • Suggestions on the internationalization and localization
€ 50hourly Contatinus
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Si acetin paiaments cun cjarte di credit, bonific bancari o cripto-valude. Par vê plui detais e opzions contatinus. Ducj i presits a son IVA escludude. Ai utents finâi de UE e aes societâts cechis e vignarà cjariade la IVA adizionâl dal 21%. La inversion contabil si apliche aes faturis mandadis fûr pes impresis jenfri la UE.

Mailing lists

Users and developers
Hosted Weblate announcements
  • Low traffic and moderated
  • Only premium service announcements
  • Find answers in its archives
Pose questions on Stack Overflow.
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Weblate is a platform for one of the most positive and empowering communities of libre software. We learn and grow together and we connect the world.

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