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Minor release brings big changes: 4.4.2

Benjamin Alan Jamie
2021. január 14.

Don’t get fooled by the minor number; this piece has new features to offer!

Check the changelog as a TL;DR version with all the fixes mentioned. Too much free time in your lockdown? Get yourself the company of these lovely fifty issues in the 4.4.2 milestone. They are as close as you are!

So what’s to love about this version?

Do you remember the totally rewritten editor in 4.4? The community loved it (not entirely), so we have done it again. This time the right way. So test it and tell us!

It wouldn’t be a Weblate release without API improvements. This time, you can manage addons with it. The need for speed is endless, so we tuned-up the performance as usual. And to let the world read how amazing Weblate is, we polished the documentation in many places. Like this one about the integration of Weblate.

If you like to do some peeking before updating, peek at Hosted. Extended support owners already got the message from us, and the update is on the way. Wanna feel the same comfort? Ask the Weblate team to help you, not only with updates!

Keep it up with the buzz and share your ideas, join Weblate discussions on GitHub, or follow Weblate on Twitter!

That’s all, folks. See you with 4.5!