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Felhasználási feltételek és adatvédelem

The legal documents necessary to offer this service. Az általános szerződési feltételek dokumentum angol nyelven irányadó, a fordításokat az Ön kényelme érdekében biztosítjuk.

Angol verzió megtekintése

Általános szerződési feltételek

A Felhasználó és a Szolgáltató a Szolgáltatás használatából fakadó jogait és kötelezettségeit a jelen Szolgáltatási feltételek szabályozzák.


Általános Szerződési Feltételek:

means License Agreement within the meaning of Article 2358 et seq. of the Civil Code concluded by and between the User and the Provider upon the Consent
Civil Code
means Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended
means the User’s consent with these Terms of Service and other legal documents expressed by checking the checkbox during the registration
means any datafile sent by the web server of the Service to the User’s computer or other device connected to the Internet, which enable obtaining unique identification of the User’s web browser
means EU Regulation No. 679/2016, the General Data Protection Regulation
means non-exclusive license granted by the Provider to the User for use of the Service
means Ing. Michal Čihař, Nábřežní 694, 471 54 Cvikov, CZ, Reg. No. 04705904
Személyes adat
means personal data within the meaning of EU Regulation No. 679/2016 inserted by the User into the Service and/or Cookies
means the User who can manage Project
Szolgáltatáson alapuló fordítási projekt
means the website and services based on Weblate operated by the Provider
Fordítási memória
means the optional translation memory service provided within Weblate
means any legal entity or an individual other than the Provider, who is using the Service
means distributed version control system used by the Project such as Git or Mercurial

Licencszerződés megkötése

The License Agreement is concluded upon the User’s Acceptance of the Provider’s Offer.


By concluding Agreement under Article 2.1 of this Agreement, the following provisions of this Article 3 of the Terms of Service come into force.

The Provider presents the User with a License Agreement and the User accepts this License Agreement, all this under the terms and conditions stated in these Terms of Service.

The Provider shall have the right to shut down, adjust, modify or make the Service unavailable on the web address at any time.

The User agrees to use the Service only in a manner not jeopardizing technical software and/or hardware means of the Provider and/or such means in the Provider’s use.

The User agrees to refrain from use of the Service in bad faith and/or deliberately causing any damage to the Service.

The User agrees to refrain from bypassing the Service’s software and/or technical hardware means, in particular the security systems.

Liability for Damage

The User hereby renders it undisputed that the Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User resulting from the use of the Service.

If the User is an entrepreneur, it hereby expressly waives its right to compensation from the Provider for damage unintentionally caused by the Provider to the User through a breach of any obligation contained in these Terms of Service and/or resulting from the use of the Service.

Személyes adat

Within the meaning of Article 7 of the GDPR the User hereby gives consent to collecting, storage, and processing of the Personal Data according to the Privacy Policy.


The Service organizes translation into individual Projects, where the Owner is responsible for managing them and for specifying accurately the license of the Project.

Not specifying translation license means that the translations are available under same license as the given Project itself.

Should the Project opt in for the Translation Memory, license to use the translation is granted to all Translation Memory users.

The User agrees, upon contributing to a Project, to the license the Project has specified.

The User agrees to use of name and e-mail as authorship in the VCS commits. The User understands that this grant is non-revocable due to the nature of the VCS.


Within the meaning of Article 89 Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on electronic communication, as amended, the User is informed that the Service uses Cookies.

The Service uses Cookies to personalise content.

Irányadó jog

These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic with exclusion of conflict rules.

Any disputes arising on the basis of the Agreement and/or these Terms of Service shall be resolved by the court of the Czech republic having substantive and local jurisdiction.


These Terms of Service shall come into force and effect on 15th May 2023.

Adatvédelmi irányelvek

Megfelelünk a 679/2016 szabályozásnak, azaz Általános Adatvédelmi Szabályozás, amit GDPR-ként ismerünk. Ez a dokumentum tartalmazza a szükséges specifikációkat.

Személyes adatok kezelése

Ing. Michal Čihař, Nábřežní 694, 471 54 Cvikov, CZ, Reg. szám 04705904

A Weblate kijelölt egy adatvédelmi tisztviselőt, akivel kapcsolatba léphet ezen a címen

A Weblate által feldolgozott személyes adatok

A Weblate csak azokat a személyes adatokat dolgozza fel, amiket a felhasználó ad meg a használatkor:

Név és e-mail cím
These are used to identify you in the VCS commits.
Additionally, e-mail is used for notification of watched events.
Jelszó hash formában
A felhasználó hitelesítéséhez használt, amennyiben be van állítva
Passwords are stored hashed using Argon2.
IP cím és böngésző neve
These are logged in case of important changes to your account (e.g. a password change) to allow diagnosis in case your account is stolen.
Billing info
Necessary details to issue an invoice is collected when purchasing a service from us.

Személyes adatok feldolgozásának célja és jogalapja

Az ön személyes adatait a Szolgáltatás kapcsán az alábbi célokra használjuk:

  • for providing our services on the Service, to contact you in matters regarding our services (also by means of e-mails and messaging) and to ensure the technical functionality of our services fulfillment of contractual or pre-contractual obligations (Article 6 (1) b. GDPR)
  • to analyze your use of our services and improve our services (Article 6 (1) b. and f. GDPR)
  • with your express consent or instruction to carry out our business activities or send you newsletters (Article 6 (1) a. GDPR)

Hozzáférés a személyes adatokhoz

The Controller has made all reasonable technical means to protect the Personal Data. Only authorized persons can access the Personal Data.

Harmadik felek, akik szükség esetén hozzáférhetnek a személyes adatokhoz:

  • Személyek, akik szerződést kötöttek a szolgáltatás műszaki biztosításához.
  • If you purchase a service from us, a payment processor gets essential access to your Personal Data, limited to the bare minimum needed to process your payment.

Minden személyes adat az Európai Unióban van tárolva.

Disclosure of the Personal Data

The Personal Data might be disclosed to third parties in limited circumstances when the Controller has a good faith belief it is required by law, such as under a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order.

In case the Controller is required by law to disclose the Personal Data, an attempt will be made to provide the User with prior notice by e-mail (unless the Controller is prohibited, or it would be futile) that a request for the Personal Data has been made to allow the User to object to the disclosure. If the User does not challenge the disclosure request, the Controller may be legally required to turn over the Personal Data.

A személyes adatok megőrzése

The Personal Data is stored in the Service until the User deletes their account on the service.

Access log info might be collected for a longer period for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending legal claims.

Az Ön jogai

The User provides use of Personal Data voluntarily. Without this Personal Data Weblate is not able to provide our services.

Azt akarjuk, hogy mindig ellenőrizze személyes adatait. Ebből a célból vannak bizonyos jogai, amelyek ezt lehetővé teszik. Bizonyos feltételek mellett:

  • Gain access to all your Personal Data that Weblate uses or processes, and even get a copy of all of it (Article 15 GDPR)
  • Correct the Personal Data that Weblate processes if you think that there are mistakes
  • Kérheti, hogy töröljük személyes adatait
  • Korlátozhatja a személyes adatok feldolgozását
  • Feladat feldolgozása
  • Receive your Personal Data in a commonly used and machine-readable format or to transmit this Personal Data to a different provider.

The removal, correction, and retrieval of your Personal Data can be done from the account management, and is fully automated.