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All Weblate source code is freely available for you to use, modify, share and distribute. Discuss it with your associates.

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Weblate is easiest to install using pip or Docker, please follow the Quick setup guide for more detailed instructions.

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Latest releases for download

Rendszerkép felhőhöz vagy virtualizációhoz

Weblate can be run in any cloud or virtualization environment. The following guides will show you detailed info about some of the most common platforms.

A Weblate futtatása  Docker konténerben
Docker kézikönyv
Running Weblate on the OpenShift platform
OpenShift guide
Running Weblate on the Kubernetes platform
Kubernetes kézikönyv

GitHub tároló

Weblate is developed on GitHub, you can fork it there, find more repositories, or just:

# Weblate
git clone

# Weblate parancssori kliens
git clone

Weblate parancssori kliens

You can control Weblate remotely using wlc, which can be installed from Python pip:

pip3 install wlc

Join the community and contribute

Weblate is a platform for one of the most positive and empowering communities of libre software. We learn and grow together and we connect the world.

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