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Show everyone that Weblate suits you!

Benjamin Alan Jamie
21 August 2020

We told you that something good is coming in previous post about 4.2 release. And we keep our promises!

Starting today, you can show everyone what localization tool suits you the best! No matter if you are in the European Union or US, Canada, or Australia, we have you covered. You can get decent buttons, fancy T-Shirts, and tank tops, stylish baseball caps, or useful luggage like backpacks and tote bags. If you feel winter coming, get a hoodie and stop worrying! Out of protective face masks? We got you covered! By the way, have you ever realized that the Weblate logo looks smiling?

If you are still guessing, there is a 15% discount for you till 7th September. Just to make your decisions easier.

So what will you choose for yourself? Or will there be a gift? Let us know on Twitter. With pictures. You know that without them it’s like it didn’t happen at all! And if you are missing some swag items you desperately need with Weblate, let us know, and we will do our best!

One more thing: You can also hug Weblate!