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Keep improving: 5.1

Benjamin Alan Jamie
16. október 2023

Things just keep getting better in Weblate; let’s fly through what 5.1 has to offer you.

New features should make organized people happy and their projects tidy. In addition to the categories delivered in 5.0, you can now customize workflows per language. If you have a large community of dedicated translators and every language has a different structure and habits, let them customize Weblate and make it more theirs. Result? Even better translations, as always.

Next up, we have the option to download converted files at the language, component, and project levels. Offline translators have one more reason to be happy with Weblate again. Be careful with uploads back to Weblate; it is a powerful tool. Don’t misunderstand this with the Project-level backup, which can be handy before a big upload.

The last big addition to this version is mostly visible in the History of translations. If you use Automatic Translation or the mighty add-on of the same name, all their translations are now credited to the user with a catchy name of the engine used. Bye, bye, unknown user.

There are more additions mentioned in the changelog, together with the description of those above. Be sure to check the docs!

5.1 would feel incomplete without some improvements to existing features, right? We want to mention the improved speed of comment and component removal, as well as a project is now added to your Watched ones right after accepting the invitation.

Fixes like the one of the Administration team's disappearance and all other improvements are mentioned in the changelog. To show you that a long or alluring article is not what makes this project great, growing, and improving, I want to guide you to see all the work that has been done on this version. It’s way, way more than a few lines. Delivered by our core team as well as open-source contributors. The link is at the end of this story.

If some kind soul on Mastodon guided you here, toot more about #Weblate. After all, it is #YourSoftwareYourLanguage.

As always, 5.1 is up and running on Hosted, where you can contribute to many lovely libre projects or add yours, as well as start a commercial one.

Subscribers of our Extended support will receive their upgrade soon, along with members of a growing community of Dedicated instance owners. Join them and have SaaS Weblate, or ask our team anything Weblate.

If you are a happy Weblater already, you can also answer some community questions in the discussions or contribute.

Dig in to all the work done on 5.1.