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Weblate is provided free of charge & welcomes donations. There are many ways how you can contribute to Weblate development. The least you can do is to talk about Weblate with friends.

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Recurring donations facilitate sustainable Weblate development, even the smallest amount helps fund free of charge hosting for libre software.

Recurring donation

Repeated appreciation of the Weblate project helps in keeping the project sustainable long term.

Please consider this if you are hosting Weblate yourself without a support contract.

One time donation

One time donations are great for appreciating our work on single issue or support.

Use our services

Commercial services like hosting or support for self hosted installation help fund Weblate development.

Donation rewards

Name placement in the list of supporters
Donation recurrenceAnnual
Amount in EUR100 EUR
Link placement in the list of supporters
Donation recurrenceAnnual
Amount in EUR400 EUR
Link placement on the thanks page
Donation recurrenceAnnual
Amount in EUR800 EUR


Thanks to Trezor, we will gladly accept donations in several cryptocurrencies. You can use the addresses in table below.

CurrencyDonation address