Weblate support

Weblate is a free software with community support.

Report issue

Bugs or feature requests

Have you found any issue with Weblate? Do you have idea how to improve it? Please report it to issue tracker on GitHub.

Security issues

Should you find security issue within our code base, please report it to Michal Čihař. You can choose to encrypt it using his PGP key 9C27B31342B7511D.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list weblate@lists.cihar.com where you can discuss various things about Weblate. You can subscribe or browse archives.

The mailing list is also available on Gmane where you can browse archives or use NNTP interface.

Stack Overflow

You can also ask related questions on Stack Overflow.


When some of interested people are online, you might also find help on #weblate channel on freenode network. You can also use webchat there.


See our support offerings for self hosted Weblate instances

You can also contact Michal Čihař, who is author of Weblate for consulting services.