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Weblate enlighted: 4.4

Benjamin Alan Jamie
16. desember 2020

December brings fantastic and special days! Like the day of the new Weblate release!

Looking for a TL;DR version of this? Check the changelog. Feeling nerdy? Hand yourself a gingerbread and munch through all the issues in the 4.4 milestone.

So what’s to love about this version?

Editor, definitely. It does syntax highlighting for XML, HTML, Markdown and reStructuredText. And placeables are enlightened now, too!

To keep the ball running, we mention API again, bringing calls for tasks and extending statistics.

While you’ll be lazy over the holidays, Weblate might join. Its performance is improved, so jobs are done quicker. More free time for it and for you. Enjoy!

While upgrading Weblate, go with a flow and bump your Django version to at least 3.1

If you like to do some peeking before updating, peek at Hosted. Extended support owners can put their legs up to their tables; the update is on the way. Wanna feel the same comfort? Ask the Weblate team to help you, not only with updates!

Keep it up with the buzz and share ideas, join Weblate discussions on GitHub, or follow Weblate on Twitter!

Happy holidays!

4.4, that’s all, folks.

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