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New Weblate: 3.11.3

Benjamin Alan Jamie
11 Mart 2020

We want to tell you about the news in today’s Weblate release, which is 3.11.3.

If you want to say TLDR now, feel free to do it. It is about bug fixing, and the full 3.11.3 changelog wait for you in Weblate’s documentation :)

We fixed the mailing issues connected to the registration process, notifications settings and rendering in Gmail, and account removal. The tuning under the hood contains fixes of third-party authentication, like Slack in Docker container, and raised bleach dependency so addressed CVE-2020-6802.

The search feature got the following fixes: fields with certain priority, predefined query for newly added strings, some string states, and duplicated matches.

History is not only all those bugs but also a feature we tuned up. Project level changes listing will now work better there, and reverting changes from history is fixed.

And! there are not only fixes but also improvement which we want to mention: you can see Celery queues now in a performance overview.

If you like 3.11.3, tell the world! Did you find a bug? Tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with an upgrade or anything, look on our premium support options.

Happy localization and see you soon, Weblate 4.0 is getting closer!