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Hosted Weblate and new website

Michal Čihař
БлоґHosted Weblate
08 лютого 2013 р.

Today, Weblate got new website. It should better promote it's unique features and give users better idea what it is about.

I was pretty much convinced by few Weblate users at FOSDEM to do something like this, so I hope the new website will serve good it's purpose. Same as previous version, the code is hosted on GitHub, so feel free to make improvements and open pull requests :-). Also the new website misses some translations, your help is especially welcome in this area.

Together with launching this website, I've decided to make more visible that there is option to get your free software project hosted for free on my server. This is now being called Hosted Weblate and your project will be hosted at http://hosted.weblate.org/.

Currently there is already first user of this service - Freeplane, but you are welcome to ask for inclusion.