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We care about you. Now even better!

Benjamin Alan Jamie
04 Март 2021

We have great news for all Weblate users, customers, and partners!

As there are more and more of you every week, we needed to improve the customer care system to keep the high standard of Weblate support. While we were at it, we also chipped in something more.

Services and bills

So the first addition is the refreshed user portal. Your services and invoices wait for you there. We also added a pretty list of available services. You can comfortably upgrade your support subscription, purchase the backup service, manage your tokens, and support Weblate growth via a donation. Hosted plans management will also move here in the future to keep all the subscriptions and payments in one place.

Clicking the avatar icon on the top of the Weblate website, right above the Go Weblate! button, will get you there. If you have a team or just need to share the invoices with your accountant, simply give them access by adding their e-mail address.

You will also find two links there—One to manage your user account, which you already know.

All tickets in one place

The pretty and handy one is our new support portal. Unlike the old solution, this has a customer side, so you can manage all your inquiries and custom development chats without getting lost in your busy inbox. If you are a company customer, you will have access to the tickets submitted by your colleagues, so you’ll never get left out in case of an accidental drop from the cc. Once the job is done, you can close the ticket. Or open a new one with another topic.

All requests are sorted and prioritized, so paying customers will receive what they ordered. The enjoyable little fact? You can use Hosted, user, and support portal with one account. So once you are registered at Hosted, SAML will do the magic for you.

And if you prefer your e-mail client over clicking in the UI of Weblate Care, no problem, drop us your support question at support@weblate.org, and everything will work seamlessly, too.

We tested tens of support system solutions, big and smaller names, and we chose Zammad at the end. It suits our needs the most of all tried and enables us to stay libre while helping you.


The third lovely change is the eye-candy and reliable status page. There has always been a link to check your translation service’s status on the bottom of Weblate.org. This one is improved and tightly integrated with GitHub. You can check the system’s performance history or subscribe to updates; everything in a familiar environment.

Hope you like your new toys! If you have any questions, you know how to reach us.