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Lot of feedback listened and more: Weblate 4.1

Benjamin Alan Jamie
15. juni 2020

We have huge reading material for you today. Well, if you want to. Weblate 4.1 is here, and the list of all improvements is long. We listened to our wonderful community when we addressed more than 200 issues and PRs in this release.

Translators will now see the languages they translate at the top of the list. And when the selected project is not in the language yet, they will see the button to start a translation there!

Big news we have mostly for new projects is a growing list of supported formats. You can now work with Windows RC files, Laravel PHP strings, go-i18n JSON, as well as translate documents is ODF, IDML, HTML, and more. Check all the additions marked New in version 4.1.

New and improved checks are a thing we are proud of. Quality matters, right? Even the original can be improved sometimes. Tuning up never ends!

Do you like robots? Weblate does and has better integration with them on two levels. One is grouping matches and handling placeholders. The second enables you to trigger machine translation via API.

API is growing fast, letting project maintainers do more and click less. So you will be better informed about rate limits in HTTP headers, you can modify component lists via API, and the list goes on. Do you miss anything? Let us know. Even the features that waited some time would get done. And if you don’t like waiting, you can sponsor the feature or ask for custom development directly.

As always, here is the changelog. If you want to share a nice word about Weblate, feel free to do it! And if you get into trouble, we are here for you!

Translate libre and get yourself a cwrw if you wish :)