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Benjamin Alan Jamie
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27 ноября 2020 г.

Weblate libre news #1

After several weeks of testing, we can say it loud. Libre projects now have easier access to localization than ever before. Translating software brings it closer to the users, makes it more libre. That’s why we use #YourSoftwareYourLanguage or #YrSWYrLng. There is nothing like a community translation effort.

We love to read messages from the growing community like this from Proca:

Weblate brought us an unexpected surprise: random folks starting to translate the project in new languages, it’s awesome!

Weblate is, and always will be, libre. From our early days, we keep supporting libre projects from all around the world, in all industries. It doesn’t matter how big the project is and if it has revenues. The source code publicly available in a supported repository, and a license approved as libre by OSI or recognized as libre by FSF is all you need.

Thanks to the recent improvements on Hosted, you don’t have to wait to start a translation anymore. If you are an upstream maintainer or a chosen contributor, simply follow the setup process: Tune-up your workflow with addons, machine translation, checks, fixups, reviews, and other Weblate features. There are hundreds of them, dig deep into the docs to know them all! Setup the hooks, and once you’re happy with your project setup, put your legs on the table, relax, and ask for approval to keep it free forever. For all this, you have 14 days. After approval, don’t forget to share your Engage page, like this one for OpenWRT, and let the community buzz! We have tested that mentioning Weblate in your README, repo, and on the website works to attract more translators.

Now that you have your project up and running, check out other shining stars! These are just a few of them that jumped on the board recently:

Munch through Hosted list of great libre SW!

We also run dedicated instances for large libre projects like:

And as Weblate is a libre piece of software, you can deploy it yourself. Like LibreOffice do.

Oh, and there is one long-running popular project on Hosted! It’s Weblate itself, and you are all welcome to contribute. To translations, code, discussions, or by a donation of your choice on the website, LiberaPay, or GitHub sponsor if you are in a position to do so. It will help Weblate grow and keep hosting free for more libre projects joining the family.

If you want to spread the word about Weblate, you can do it on the socials like Twitter or by getting and apparel in our Spreadshirt shop! There is one for America and one for Europe, but you can choose the right store for your country at the bottom of the page. The good news that applies to all of them is the 25% Black Friday deal. For all of you!

Suit up and localize your libre software!