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2022 kick-off: 4.11

Benjamin Alan Jamie
28. febrúar 2022

The first release of 2022 is here. It took some time, but waiting is definitely worth it here!

Changes are listed in the documentation, and you can also check 219 issues completed to make this version!

First, let’s look at the big improvements that will help (and might modify) your workflow:

  • You can create teams and assign them specific privileges. You’re no more limited to the specified groups.
  • Strings needing action were renamed Unfinished strings to reflect better all the states included.
  • New merge style is available: Merge without fast-forward. A way to see every Weblate change in the repository.
  • We added links to the docs to alerts. You will never be guessing alone on how to fix the alert anymore.
  • New add-on for prefilling translation with source strings.
  • You can search for resolved comments.

Then some handy improvements!

  • Sticky header on translations listing for better navigation.
  • Improved squash add-on compatibility with Gerrit.
  • Tracking string changes from the repository is possible.

Version bumps!

  • You need Python 3.7 or newer.
  • Borg Backup 1.2 is supported.

And fixes!

  • Add-on installation via API
  • False positives in ICU MessageFormat syntax.
  • “Untranslating” strings in Java properties files works correctly now.
  • Many more, included a security one like this. Another reason to update: to sleep comfortably :)

If you like to try the version before adopting it, try it at Hosted. You can help translate some lovely libre projects there or add your own Libre project! Or start your trial!

Extended support subscribers are receiving their upgrade these days, and Dedicated instances’ customers are enjoying it already. Ask the Weblate team for help if you want to feel the same comfort. We like to chat about all things Weblate, not just updates!

If you want to discuss anything with the community, you’re very welcome here. If you’re going to tell the world about your life with Weblate, Twitter is one of the places where it helps us.

There are big plans for boosting Weblate forward this year; many will come with 4.11.1 and 4.12 already. Stay tuned!