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New Weblate: 3.8

Benjamin Alan Jamie
15 augusti 2019

We have released Weblate 3.8 today, and we are happy to share some of our favorite improvements included. If you prefer facts before stories, jump straight to the detailed changelog.

The change we already described before is VCS less operation mode in Weblate. Its a significant change, a new option, and a big part of 3.8.

We smoothed some background processes so users of WL shouldn’t have any problem with password resets and similar settings anymore. There are changes in mailing and notifications; support for animated screenshots and OpenGraph widget images. You can now replace file content with the uploaded one; support is also added for cloning addons in translation components and Azure Repos webhooks.

WL now supports checks for Qt library and Ruby format strings and handles monolingual Xliff files better.

Those are not the only changes in the new version; you can see all the work done and tell us your favorite one!

3.8 is already running on Hosted Weblate for some time. Did you try it previously or are you planning the update on your own hosting this weekend?

If you like it, tell the world! Did you find a bug? Tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with upgrade or anything, look here.

We wish you smooth localization and see you soon with next release!