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Weblate is copylefted libre software with community support. Subscribers receive priority support at no extra charge. Prepaid help packages are available for everyone.

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Bugs and feature requests

Issues and ideas for improvement can be reported to the issue tracker.

Varnostne težave

Should you find a vulnerability, please report it to HackerOne. More info in the documentation.

Reliable support

As the subscriber, you will always receive fast replies from our dedicated support team at support@weblate.org.

Prepaid support for gratis service and self-hosted installations

Basic self-hosted support

  • Issues in your environment fixed immediately.
  • Priority e-mail support.
€ 500annually Buy now

Extended self-hosted support

  • Always upgraded to latest version.
  • Issues in your environment fixed immediately.
  • Priority e-mail support.
  • Only available with the installation package
€ 750annually Buy now

Premium self-hosted support

  • Issues in your environment fixed immediately.
  • Priority e-mail support.
  • Private consultations.
  • Next business day support response guaranteed.
€ 1.200annually Buy now

Namestitev na vašem strežniku Linux

  • One-time installation of Weblate
  • Docker-based or native installation
  • Zahteva korenski dostop (root) ali bližnje sodelovanje z vašimi administratorji
  • Setup customization
€ 300installation Buy now

Storitev varnostnega kopiranja

  • Cloud backups of your data
  • Securely encrypted with your passphrase
  • Daily incremental backups
  • Stores up to 100 GB of backups
  • Read more in the documentation.
€ 250annually Buy now

Consulting services and/or custom development

  • Development of custom features
  • Integration of Weblate into your workflow
  • Suggestions on the internationalization and localization
€ 70hourly Stopite v stik z nami
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Payments by credit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrency transaction are accepted. Please get in touch for more details and possibilities. All listed prices exclude VAT. EU end users and Czech companies will be charged with additional 21% VAT. The reverse charge applies to invoices issued to businesses within the EU.

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Users and developers
Hosted Weblate announcements
  • Low traffic and moderated
  • Only premium service announcements
  • Find answers in its archives
Discuss with community on GitHub.
Join the community and contribute

Weblate is a platform for one of the most positive and empowering communities of libre software. We learn and grow together and we connect the world.

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