Shkarko Weblate

Weblate vjen me kodin e plotë të burimit.

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Installing Weblate

Weblate is easiest to install using pip or Docker, please follow the Quick setup guide for more detailed instructions.

Download source code

You can download the latest release here:

Weblate is being developed on GitHub, you can fork it there, or just:

# Weblate
git clone

# Weblate command line client
git clone

You can find more repositories related to Weblate on GitHub.

Weblate command line client

You can control Weblate remotely using wlc, it can be installed by using Python PIP:

pip3 install wlc

You can also install using packages for following Linux distributions:

Pamje për re ose virtualizim

Weblate can be run in any cloud or virtualization environment. Following links will show you information about some of these: